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 Scott and Limelight Imaging

Master Photographer and licensed Drone Pilot Scott Moore grew up under the colorful, wide-open skies of West Texas. From an early age, Scott was interested in capturing the images of the world around him, be it the magnificence of nature, the precision of architecture, or the beauty of a friend’s smile. At the age of 14, Scott began his venture into the world of photography with a Yashica Rangefinder purchased as a birthday gift by his father from a local pawn shop. After reading the camera’s manual over and over, Scott realized the importance of knowing his camera gear inside and out, and so began his thirst for knowledge of anything photographic.

For the past 35 years, Scott has proudly called beautiful Austin, Texas home. Along with his wife Margy, and their two grown children, Amanda and Brandon, (and some four-legged critters which roam their home), Scott enjoys a passion for life which includes trading the US Commodity Market, Gourmet Cooking, Music, and PHOTOGRAPHY. 

Limelight Imaging was founded in 1990 with Scott as the lead photographer. In the early years, while working in photo labs, studios, and as the staff photographer for several regional home and garden magazines, Scott gained valuable knowledge in the areas of lighting, composure, and attention to detail. Because of this, Scott appreciates the difference between a snap shot and a well crafted image. With a venture into architectural photography, Scott became well versed in medium and large format cameras as well as the standard 35 mm. With his experience working in these formats, Scott formed an appreciation for shooting in a fully manual mode instead of the auto-mode often employed today.

Over the years, Limelight Imaging has covered a broad array of photographic subjects including live music and red carpet entertainment events for several syndicated agencies; weddings; model portfolios and portraiture; architectural and still-life images for commercial and private clientele; and majestic landscapes of the world we live in. Scott’s images have received awards at the Regional and National levels. Currently, Scott is House Photographer for several live music venues and maintains imaging needs for many commercial clients.

Scott, and Limelight Imaging, will go the extra mile for our clients, making certain all parties are happy with the end product before we call any shoot "a wrap." Limelight uses some of the best gear available. We pride ourselves in capturing our subjects in the right light and the right moment, within a fraction of a second. 

Next time you are in need of a professional photographer, please give us the opportunity to capture your cherished moments using our skills and expertise. 

Limelight Imaging – Austin, Texas USA

Contact: Scott Moore



"You don’t take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

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